FCC Issues 600 MHz Wireless Mic Cessation Disclosure

WASHINGTON—Wireless mic makers will now have to include a disclosure with devices made to operate in the 600 MHz band, which will become the domain of wireless broadband once the TV station channel repacking is complete. The specific language of the disclosure, displayed in the .jpeg below, was released today in an Order from the Federal Communications Commission. It will to into effect upon publication in the Federal Register.

“This disclosure informs consumers that wireless microphone users must cease any wireless microphone operations in the 600 MHz service band no later than July 13, 2020. In addition, in many instances they may be required to cease use of these devices earlier if their use has the potential to cause harmful interference to 600 MHz service licensees’ wireless operations in the band,” the order states.

It applies to those who manufacture, sell, lease, or offer for sale or lease,” wireless microphone or video-assist devices authorized under FCC rules. The disclosure applies to wireless devices operating at 617-652 MHz and 663-698 MHz.

The disclosure for licensed wireless mics and video-assist devices is covered under commission rule 74.851 (l), and for unlicensed mics, under rule 15.37 (k). Both state that, “The text must be displayed in a clear, conspicuous, and readily legible manner. One way to fulfill the requirement in this section is to display the consumer disclosure text in a prominent manner on the product box by using a label—either printed onto the box or otherwise affixed to the box—a sticker, or other means. Another way to fulfill this requirement is to display the text immediately adjacent to each [applicable device] offered for sale or lease and clearly associated with the model to which it pertains.”

A similar approach was taken when the FCC auctioned off the TV channels in the 700 MHz band nine years ago.