EyeTV HD PVR lets Mac, iPhone Users View, Edit Live TV

Mac computer users and other Apple customers (i.e., iPhone, iPod, iPad) may not enjoy any compatibility with the Internet's current most ubiquitous video format, Adobe Flash— much to the consternation of a lot of content providers and websites. But insanely loyal Apple customers do have some cutting-edge, HD-centric news to crow about.

According to Elgato its new EyeTV HD DVR allows Mac users to watch, record, and even edit cable and satellite TV programming in 720p. That includes premium channels, as well, using H.264. Or users can use it to watch live TV on their Mac monitors.

The relatively simple EyeTV HD unit connects directly to a cable or satellite box/receiver using component cables (included)—to a Mac computer via a USB port. Newer desktop iMacs boast 24-inch monitors, which make TV viewing and editing a bit more user-friendly.

And to keep it all in the (Apple) family, Elgato said the HD DVR also includes a "dual-format capture mode" that can record in both iPad and iPhone formats at the same time. This allows users to stream live or recorded TV directly to their iPhones or iPads using the EyeTV app, which is optional. And as one might expect, EyeTV HD also enables exporting any of the content to a user's iTunes menu.