EVS to spotlight IP Director GUI at IBC

EVS will display its new IP Director graphical user interface for its EVS servers at IBC2005.

IP Director offers a suite of Windows GUI applications that provide full control of an environment that includes EVS server networked together. It allows multiple servers to be controlled from the central GUI, creating the feeling of controlling one large server with many channels while producing redundancy and multiple points of redundancy across the network.

IP Director applications combined with the EVS networked servers enable a collaborative, tapeless workflow to unify the production environment and streamline production workflow. Options include ingest, logging, asset management, browsing, editing, all the way through to playout.

The IP Control Panel can control any individual channel on an EVS server, from any IP remote workstation. The IP Control Panel’s flexibility also enables channels to be synchronized for multiple channel playback and control without taking up lots of bandwidth.

For more information, visit www.evs.tv.

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