EVS Production Gear Center Stage at Winter Olympics

EVS is providing its storage and archiving systems to broadcasters covering the Winter Olympics in Torino.

The Belgium-based digital production company is supplying more than 200 XT and XT[2] storage systems as well as other numerous applications including the X-File2 digital archive, CleanEdit, MediaXchange and the new IP Director Suite to produce about 900 hours of live or near-live programs broadcast to an estimated 500 million viewers worldwide over the next two weeks.

EVS supplied the central server to the host broadcaster, Turin Olympic Broadcasting Organization (TOBO) that is responsible for continuous production, as well as the distribution and transmission of the international signal. The server will enable more than 14 continuous video sources of recording. TOBO will have real-time access to the multitude of video content and a complete suite of tools for logging, content management and highlights editing.

EVS also will provide server assistance to more than 40 mobile units supplied by Italy's RAI, France Television, Alfacam, SBP, Visions, Outside Broadcast and Prisma that will shoot all events live in HD.

NBC will also rely on EVS technology and consultants to broadcast its HD coverage of the Olympics to American viewers. Roughly 50 dedicated operators will deploy EVS HD XT2 servers and related applications to record, edit and broadcast programming either live or post-produced for broadcasters contracted to NBC, including USA Network, CNBC, MSNBC, and Telemundo.

EVS is also supporting BBC Interactive, German broadcasters ARD and ZDF, Japan's NHK, CBC and France Television during the games. EVS made its first appearance at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games with its Live Slow Motion (LSM) system.