Euphonix digital audio mixing systems offer new look and features

As part of an upgrade of its two digital broadcast audio mixing systems, Euphonix is now offering the new DF66 DSP SuperCore and a new line of modular converters.

The control surface upgrades improve console ergonomics with new colored knobs and higher resolution screens for System 5 and a lighter control surface color for Max Air. Both surfaces benefit from faster processors and memory and have finer resolution fader control around the 0db position.

The new DSP SuperCore allows systems to be expanded from 32 to 1000 channels and adds new features such as bus processing, enhanced dynamics, longer channel delays (up to two seconds), SNMP monitoring and full redundancy by an optional complete second DSP SuperCore.

The new range of modular converters allows finer converter granularity in a small footprint and supports SDI audio embedding and de-embedding.

All the new products and upgrades are currently shipping with new systems and are available now for retrofit to existing consoles.

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