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SHANGHAI—TJ Sports, one of Asia’s first large-scale eSports remote production centers, has chosen TSL Products’ TallyMan Advanced Broadcast Control System to manage large video switchers, audio mixers and the AV matrix for its events. 

“TSL enables us to produce more events that are more intensive and complex,” says Zhang Xuming, head of broadcast technology planning at TJ Sports. “The TSL TallyMan controller greatly reduces execution risk during production while improving the overall operator experience, and its price-to-performance ratio is extremely attractive. With TSL’s TallyMan, we have successfully accomplished off-site control of remote network production for major international events.”

TJ Sports was in need of an advanced, centralized control system for production of telecasts given the growing number of venues and cities involved in eSports. Support for a multi-venue production workflow, flexible resource allocation and access to control were its top priorities when choosing a solution, it said.

Unique to eSports is the observer role, which is essentially the game director who works with the program director to help guide the event and production in identifying in-game highlights and ideal slow-motion moments. This results in a large number of production signals. With a complex broadcast control system, these signals can be more easily managed for a seamless event, the company said.

TJ Sports can host centralized scheduling and control over the signal path throughout its studio complex with TSL’s TallyMan. It is relying on the system’s controller and virtual panels (TMVP) for control throughout its nearly 40,000-square-foot facility, which includes five studios, five control rooms, the core server room and several rooms dedicated to specialized eSports functions, it said.

The system also carries out centralized tally management. By allowing for the advanced scheduling of signal pre-sets, TSL’s TallyMan streamlines operator workflow and optimizes on-site event management during production. The system also allows for control across third-party AV equipment at the facility, while matching the remote production of off-site network control, it said.

With the help of TSL, TJ Sports was able to produce the 2020 League of Heroes Mid-season Cup (MSC) remotely. The competition attracted eight professional teams from the Chinese LPL and South Korea's LCK and was one of the world’s first remote production event to be broadcast in venues in different countries.

More information is available on the company’s website.

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