Esports-Focused Production Company Finds Sufficient Bandwidth With Help of TVU Networks

TVU Networks
KORIZON founder Ashley Kang (Image credit: TVU Networks)

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—KORIZON Esports, a South Korean production company founded to connect the League of Legends Champions Korea with its global fan base, ran into a lack of bandwidth this fall while covering the game’s world championships in the United States, resulting in hours-long uploads of video interviews with players.

However, with the delivery of a TVU Networks TVU One transmitter, a device traditionally used to transmit live HD and 4K video, KORIZON founder Ashley Kang, was able to maintain a constant 5G internet connection for the duration of the nearly one-month-long event, TVU Networks said.

With so many members of the media covering the event and the thousands of fans in attendance, available bandwidth was quickly consumed, creating the problem Kang encountered. However, using the router feature of the TVU One transmitter, KORIZON was able to share large files and footage with its editor in South Korea so fans ultimately could view the content on YouTube. KORIZON’s coverage received 5.8 million views on YouTube, it said.

The interviews included a conversation with the 2022 World Championship team DRX, which completed a Cinderella-story run and runner-up T1, the company said.

The TVU One’s compact size meant KORIZON could upload on the go, no matter the venue or location of the interview. “KORIZON and I could not have covered Worlds 2022 at the speed and precision I achieved without TVU Networks,” said Kang.

TVU Networks plans to expand its remote broadcast solutions and products into the esports arena, the company said.

“Being able to help KORIZON provide their top-tier content even faster while being so far from their offices was a no brainer,” TVU Networks CEO Paul Shen said. “The global scale, speed and lack of latency needed for esports makes our remote solutions a perfect fit.”

More information is available on the company’s website.

Phil Kurz

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