Ericsson launches multiplatform stream processor

Ericsson has launched its Multi-platform Stream Processor, the latest in a line of high-end compression solutions for IP-based infrastructures.

The processor is a high-density video and audio processing solution for telco and cable operators — enabling the launch of additional services, migration to MPEG-4 AVC and time-shift TV ingest processing. It also enables cost-efficient disaster recovery sites for business continuity.

Cable and Telco operators have been seeking an increasingly broad feature set in linear TV processing. These include very high density transcoding for increasingly large channel counts and time-shift TV ingest, as well as the addition of disaster recovery, multiscreen video processing and significant performance enhancements in HD to reduce bandwidths and achieve greater quality.

The processor is a multiformat dense transcoder, enabling support for up to 24 HD or 72 SD MPEG-4 AVC or MPEG-2 services with concurrent PIP outputs. It can serve as a re-encoder for MPEG-2 services, allowing for lower overall bit rates or VBR to CBR conversion for applications like time-shift TV.

Ericsson has already delivered over 19,000 IPTV channels. The company’s television solutions and services enable broadcasters, content owners and platform operators to create, manage and deliver services.