Equator Audio, Broadjam.com reach packaging accord

The studio monitor purchase now yields free membership to the musicians’ Internet services Web site

Equator Audio Research, a manufacturer of studio reference monitors for mission-critical recording applications, has reached an agreement with Broadjam.com, an Internet music services site geared toward independent musicians, whereby buyers of Equator’s Q8 studio monitor speakers receive a free premium membership at Broadjam.com.

The free one-year premium Broadjam membership includes the ability to market and sell music downloads; Web hosting of a personal site; access to film, TV, advertising and video game music opportunity submissions; and networking with other Broajam.com members.

The Equator Audio Q8 is a studio reference monitor that features the company’s Digitally-Controlled Transducers, phase and time-accurate zero-point reference coaxial design, internally matched speakers, the ability to compensate for room conditions and secondary reflection correction, which eliminates existing sonic obstacles.

For more information, visit www.equatoraudio.com and www.broadjam.com.