ePort Orders Approach $500 Million

NEW YORK:The Television Bureau of Advertising reports that orders on its ePort online ad marketplace is approaching the half-billion dollar mark.

Since the launch in 2008, over 70,000 orders have been sent by 145 agencies and advertisers via ePort to 1,025 TV stations and national rep firms. TVB reports that “dozens of new advertisers and agencies are beginning to use ePort each month.”

ePort orders broke the $200 million mark back in March, when the system logged more than 20,000 orders by 95 agencies and advertisers with a total of 844 TV stations.

ePort was launched by the TVB and the National Association of Broadcasters last year to allow media buyers to shop for TV station avails online. The free system allows buyers to create and transmit orders, make revisions and get make-goods over the Internet. The latest upgrades to the system include store-and-forward technology.