Entertainment Experience selects Atrato Velocity 1000

Entertainment Experience has chosen the Atrato Velocity 1000 (V1000) for high-speed image storage and distribution for its digital cinema transcoder.

The V1000 equips the transcoder with compact, high-performance tiered storage, using Intel X25-E Extreme SATA solid-state drives for Tier O acceleration. This allows Entertainment Experience products to store up to 56TB (or 2500 HD movies) and serve thousands of hours of concurrent HD data streams in a single 3RU package.

Direct digital-to-digital conversion of one format to another can be critical for maximizing the production and delivery of HD video content. Atrato’s new V1000 offers a tiered storage architecture that combines the raw performance, storage density and power efficiency of solid-state drives with the capacity and low cost of hard-disk drives.

Atrato’s platform powered by ApplicationSmart software is designed for high throughput and data-intensive environments that are typical for Entertainment Experience customers. It accelerates data for high-access content and scales for terabytes to petabytes of storage.

The new Entertainment Experience transcoder integrates Microsoft Encoder on a standard Windows server system equipped with multicore technology for CPU scaling. The Atrato V1000 will be used for advanced input/output storage.