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Ensemble Designs develops new scan converters

Ensemble Designs will introduce three new scan converters — BrightEye Mitto Fiber, BrightEye Mitto HD and BrightEye Mitto Pro —at InfoComm in Orlando beginning June 15.

The new products are part of Ensemble’s BrightEye family of signal processing equipment. The scan converters address a wide range of video applications including broadcast.

Mitto Pro, Mitto HD and Mitto Fiber take video from a computer, such as Skype, YouTube, maps and medical video and convert the material to SD, HD or 3Gb/s serial digital video. All Mitto units accept VGA, DVI and HDMI input signals from PC and Mac computers. When the Mitto goes on the air, the video is of excellent quality.

Ensemble offers four different BrightEye Mitto units, each with varying inputs, outputs and capabilities, allowing the end-user to choose the Mitto with the best set of functionality for the particular video application. All of BrightEye Mitto units convert YouTube, Skype video, weather radar, viewer e-mails and maps to video.

Just a small part of the screen, such as a Skype window, can be selected with a mouse and converted to full-screen HD. Ensemble’s proprietary upconversion and filtering processing provides broadcast-quality video for use in high-end applications.

The BrightEye Mitto 3G Fiber has DVI, VGA or HDMI inputs and provides SD, HD, or 3Gb/s SDI video outputs as well as an optical SDI output. Complete control of audio levels, channel mixing and audio delay is provided for the analog, AES and embedded audio inputs.

The BrightEye Mitto 3G Fiber can also be used with Apple’s iPad and iPhone, enabling video from these devices to be converted to SDI.