Engineers vs. NAB Show: Shopping for Technology

LAS VEGAS—Prepare for the cab lines. The 2016 NAB Show is right around the corner. We asked several television engineers what they’ll be on the look-out for this year.

Joe Addalia, director of technology for Hearst Television, a group comprising 32 TV stations:
“I am looking for tech ideas that can get us to a phased approach for adding UHD to our TV stations. I think video-over-IP and VSF TR-03 is the key item and I will be socializing the adoption of a single ‘method’ (don’t want to say ‘standard’) for interoperability of video-over-IP. Our technology partners cannot be divided on this, we must have plug-and-play, just as we do with SDI.”

Clyde Smith, ‘semi-retired’ consultant for Fox Network and Engineering Operations:
“Data analytics and reporting… will Tableau get a run for it’s money this year or is it still the winner?
“Archive analysis, enhancement and reprocessing… various small vendors are introducing new video and audio analysis tools to mine your library and archive and enhance you knowledge base.
“IP routing, of course, mainly for compliance with TR-03 and testing for interop.”
“4K and HDR [technologies], and…
“Ingest tools that integrate into an entire workflow, aka like the new Telestream products.”

Ken Aagaard, senior vice president of CBS Sports and owner of Creative Broadcast Techniques:
“I would certainly look at 4K equipment like cameras and record playback.”

Bob Hannon, director of broadcasting for three-station Waterman Broadcasting,
a three-station group based in Fort Myers, Fla.:
“Weather, cameras, live ENG technology (MESH networks, single port streaming, bonded cell, etc), robotics.

Ed Caleca, executive consultant with PBS:
“Storage solutions, including cloud and LTO platforms; file transfer solutions, including transfer/management systems; next-generation IRD’s; station master control systems and traffic management systems.” (Caleca provides details in “Q&A: Ed Caleca’s NAB Shopping List.”)

Rich Chernock, chief science officer at Triveni Digital and chairman of the TG3 committee of the Advanced Systems Television Committee
“As you might guess, my focus will be on ATSC 3.0. I’ll really be looking for two types of things—how different companies are extending their existing product lines to support the new technologies used in ATSC 3.0 (sort of taking today’s TV and moving it into the next generation) and also looking to see what kinds of new features and services are being developed. The last one could be the most interesting—seeing what kinds of innovations people are coming up with for the new system.”

Sterling Davis, consultant with Cox Media Group
“As I’m retired and consulting with Cox Media Group, most of my effort has been involved with ATSC 3.0, so I’m going to be looking at the demonstrators of that technology as well as transmission equipment.”

Kyle Walker, vice president of technology for Weigel Broadcasting, a group of 11 stations with several nationally distributed diginets:
“At NAB, we’ll be looking at solutions that provide even greater efficiencies for newsroom and playout operations, and exploring remote production solutions. For example, technology that supports multi-camera production in the field with core production back at the studio. This potentially allows us to be more live and local while simplifying the technical coordination and reducing the cost. As a result, I believe this opens up new opportunities for events that previously were cost prohibitive.”