ENG Truck Recall Issued by Frontline

CLEARWATER, FLA.: Frontline Communications has issued a recall for certain models of its ENG trucks. The recall affects those vehicles built on the chassis of a Ford E-350 “with an aftermarket rear anti-sway bar and manufactured from Oct. 31, 2006 through July 12, 2011.”

Frontline said the recalled vehicles may be susceptible to rear hydraulic brake-line damage if the anti-sway bar frame-mounting bolt threads come in contact with it.

“If metal-to-metal abrasion occurs, the brake line may eventually rupture and cause a loss of hydraulic service brake pressure,” the recall stated.

Frontline said it’s notifying owners, and that dealers will repair the affected vehicles free of charge. It said repairs would be performed by local Ford dealers and authorized Frontline service facilities. The notification schedule was not provided, but owners can contact Frontline at 1-727-573-0400. The recall is posted at the U.S. Department of Transportation website.

~ Deborah D. McAdams, Television Broadcast