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Element Technica 3-D rigs chosen for ‘Napoleon Kaput’

Cinematographer Irek Hartowicz is shooting his latest project, “Napoleon Kaput 3D” in 3-D with Quasar 3D rigs from Element Technica for Leopolis Films.

The Marius Balchanus-directed comedy, set during the 1812 war between France and Russia, is being shot on-location in Kiev and Yalta, Ukraine.

The crew called the Quasar “a solid rig” that could be attached to a Super Technocrane to allow easy movement and unique POV shots. The production company behind the film purchased two Quasar rigs from Los Angeles-based Element Technica, shipping them to the Ukraine for preproduction prep.

The combination of the RED MX, the Quasar beam splitter rig and the Super Technocrane with the Flight Head allowed smooth 3-D shots. The 3D Quasar rigs offer precision control, ease of configuration and the ability to shoot in either the side-by-side or beam-splitter mode.

The Quasar rig can be completely set up in under a half hour and converted from side-by-side to beam-splitter mode in less than 10 minutes.