Egripment Support Systems Teams with Ventuz and Vizrt at NAB 2015

LAS VEGAS – Egripment Support Systems, a manufacturer of camera support systems, will collaborate with Ventuz and Vizrt for presentations at the 2015 NAB Show. Ventuz will be using Egripment’s StarCam Studio and 306/D Digital Remote Head for a live broadcast, while Vizrt will employ Egripment’s TDT Encoded Remote Crane System with HD demonstrations from the Vizrt Public Show.

Egipment TDT Crane System

Ventuz will use the StarCam Studio and 306/D Digital Remote Head to track and capture data that will then be ingested by Ventuz’s data-handling and logic-authoring tools to create 3D graphics and broadcast the images in real-time. This will allow Ventuz to create augmented realities for news, sports, game shows and other types of broadcasts.

Egripment’s TDT system will be used during Vizrt’s Virtual Studio presentations. By using the TDT’s tracking system, Vizrt can display realistic immersive objects, interactive content and a virtual video wall with HD content controlled by Viz Multiplay. Egripment’s TDT will also be combined with special lens calibrations for PL Lens, 4K Resolution, Red Epic Camera and Fujinon 2.5x14.5 PL Vario Zoom.

The 2015 NAB show will run from April 11-16 in Las Vegas.