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Editec shows I-Movix X10 live ultraslow motion system at BVE 2012

Editec will show and demonstrate the I-Movix X10 system and the I-Movix SprintCam Vvs HD system at BVE 2012.

The new X10 system is a live ultra motion system that delivers real-time continuous extreme slow motion in full HD at a 300fps (or 600fps in 720p).

Developed in partnership with EVS, the X10 system is used with an EVS XT3 production server under LSM control to give 10 times slower than real time.

The X10 system is designed to give production teams the ability to use it for continuous slow motion at frame rates far in excess of existing systems. The integration with EVS LSM workflow provides a consistent and familiar user interface and controls that any broadcast crew can use immediately, without specialist training.