EBU Publishes New Chart for Checking HDR Monitoring Setups

EBU HDR chart
(Image credit: EBU)

GENEVA, Switzerland—The European Broadcasting Union has published a new electronic chart to help rapidly identify issues encountered when setting up a High Dynamic Range monitoring system.

The chart has been published as EBU Tech 3374, and is based on a similar chart used at Canadian EBU Member CBC/Radio-Canada.

The EBU said the chart is not intended to accurately measure a display’s Dynamic Range, but as a visual test to see if code values are output as intended.

It added that the new chart helps to verify that the video chain used for monitoring covers the specified dynamic range, regardless of the EOTF (‘electro-optical transfer function’, e.g. HLG, PQ, SLog3) and bit-depth (8, 10, 12 or 16-bit per color) used. White point errors can be spotted, too.

EBU Tech 3374 can be found here.

Jenny Priestley

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