Dutch broadcaster selects SGL archive for Avid workflow

Dutch national broadcaster NCRV is using a Software Generation (SGL) archive as part of a fully integrated Avid digital workflow.

The NCRV installation is unique because the dedicated SGL FlashNet archive and database used by the broadcaster is hosted and managed by Park Post, a Dutch post-production facility based in Hilversum. NCRV has a Fibre-Channel link from its building, also in Hilversum, to the Park Post facility, which shares designated long-term storage on a Spectra T950 robot with NCRV and a third user.

The SGL archive solution hosted by Park Post allows NCRV to maximize Avid ISIS in the most effective way. Source material located on the ISIS that is not used for more than two weeks is transferred to a “parking space” on the archive and later restored when necessary. Raw material that has been finalized to be broadcast is deleted from the ISIS after five days and archived as standard regulation. The final edit itself is deleted five days after broadcast.