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DTV Converters Drive Traffic in Electronics Store

DTV converter boxes have been good business for at least one electronics dealership. The proprietor of Pflanz Electronics in Sioux City, Iowa told Dealerscope that he“s selling around 100 a week.

“A lot of people have antennas,” Vincent Pflanz told the publication. “A lot of people have a TV in kitchen with rabbit ears or a TV in bedroom with rabbit ears. I had no idea there are that many sets out there with rabbit ears or local antennas.”

He started selling the converters in March and promoting them online this summer. He said initial sales were a bit slow but started picking up in May. He attributed the uptick to increased media coverage about the DTV transition.

Pflanz said most of the people buying converter boxes from his store are not in the existing customer data base, and most are buying just the boxes; not TV sets.