Dream Chip To Show New AtomOne Mini Zoom At 2022 NAB Show

Dream Chip
(Image credit: Dream Chip)

GARBSEN, Germany—Dream Chip will showcase its newly announced AtomOne Mini Zoom miniature camera with support for resolutions up to 1080p60 at the 2022 NAB Show (opens in new tab) in Las Vegas, April 23-27.

The camera, about 2.33 inches by about 3.16 inches weighing about 9.41 ounces (60x80mm, 267 grams), adds zoom capability to the camera’s existing visual specifications, which include imaging with a 1/2.5-inch sensor.

With zoom functionality, the camera can be more effective when shooting in unusual locations or capturing a creative shot. Its small size makes it well-suited for shooting from locations where a larger camera might be intrusive or interfere with a shot, the company said.

The base aperture stands at F1.6 – 2.9mm, providing for a wide angle 130-degree shot, and allows for the frame to be reduced to a 66-degree angle shot at 9mm, it said.

Production teams are able to maintain full creative control over all elements of the shot, as the AtomOne Mini Zoom maintains full iris control on a remote basis and can be color matched with other cameras in the production setup using multi matrix color support, it said.

The new camera’s housing is robust and removes points of connection to reduce the risk of connection fatigue or failure—an important design feature given that the size of the camera makes it well-suited to use in challenging conditions where there can be risk of impact or vibration, the company said.

Dream Chip also has announced it is partnering with Bradley Remote to add the potential for pan-tilt functionality, making the AtomOne mini Zoom one of the smallest PTZ cameras available, it said.

“The new AtomOne Mini Zoom is quite a remarkable addition to our range—and to the market—allowing even greater control and creativity. As with the rest of the AtomOne range, it’s a hugely adaptable and resilient tool that provides exceptional, undistorted image quality. We’re excited to see the creative applications that our customers find for the camera,” said Christian Kühn, product sales marketing manager at Dream Chip.

See Dream Chip in NAB Show booth C7222.

More information is available on the company’s website (opens in new tab)

More information about the 2022 NAB Show is available here (opens in new tab).  

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