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DPA introduces new microphones

DPA introduced a new shotgun microphone, the 4017, and a new lavaliere mic, the 4080, at AES in Amsterdam.

The 4017 is a short and lightweight shotgun microphone that offers a highly directional pickup pattern while maintaining DPA’s characteristic clarity. This microphone has smooth off-axis responses at the short length of 210mm (8.3in) and weight of 71g (2.5oz).

DPA is also showing its new 4080, a miniature cardioid lavaliere microphone developed to provide optimum speech intelligibility for numerous applications including broadcast, recording, conferences and live performance.

Designed to be body-mounted approximately 20cm-25cm from the mouth, the DPA 4080 is acoustically pre-equalized and offers a 5dB presence boost that improves speech intelligibility and definition. It comes with a premounted pop-filter in a robust holder with integrated shock mount, and this innovative mounting solution allows the mic to be easily turned in any direction to obtain the best sound.

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