DK-Technologies to preview DK Meter at NAB Show

DK-Technologies will unveil the DK Meter, the latest addition to its range of high-end AV metering products, at the 2011 NAB Show in Las Vegas. This solution is no bigger than an iPhone and is designed to meet increasing demands from the market for cost-effective stereo and 5.1 metering, including loudness.

Two versions of the DK Meter will be shown in prototype at NAB: the DK1, which is ideal for anyone working in stereo, and the DK2, which is specifically targets the burgeoning 5.1 surround-sound market. The DK Meter is easy to use, easy to install and comes with its own desk mount. It accepts digital audio inputs and is supplied with all known loudness measurement recommendations, as well as the standard DK-Technologies meter scales. The meter is slated to ship by July 2011.

See DK-Technologies at the 2011 NAB Show in Booth C7840.