DirecTV to Offer Quad-Screen, 4K U.S. Open

xDALLASand EL SEGUNDO, CALIF.— AT&T/DirecTV will again offer the U.S. Open in 4K UHD starting Thursday. Coverage will include a 4K/UHD broadcast of three holes on the Erin Hills, Wisc., course during all four rounds on DirecTV 4K channel 106. With Fox Sports and the USGA, AT&T will provide expanded coverage with its U.S. Open Experience on DirecTV channels 701-705.

Each channel within the quad-screen U.S. Open Mix Channel—DirecTV channel 701—is in HD, fully produced with its own announcers. It includes the network simulcast on 702; Fox/FS1 featured group 1 and 2 on 703 and 704 respectively, and featured holes on 705. Each channel in the quad can be tuned to full screen.

DirecTV subscribers with 4K Ultra HD equipment and qualifying service can also get 4K coverage of holes 13, 14 and 15 on channel 106.4

Alongside the video, the red button on the DirecTV remote activates interactive features such as top five leaders, the full leaderboard, access to stats on individual golfers and other information. The Mix Channel will be available &8220;during broadcast hours&8221; all four days of the tourney.

In addition, AT&T Sports Networks announced the rebranding of its regional sports network, Root Sports with new logos and graphics packages. Now referred to as AT&T SportsNet, the network will continue feature local sports coverage in Pittsburgh, Rocky Mountains and Southwest regions. The on-air transition will take place on Friday, July 14.

AT&T/DirecTV has offered several sporting events in 4K, including last year’s U.S. Open.