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DirecTV Rolls Out New Technology Targeting MDUs

DirecTV has introduced DirecTV D2 Advantage, a new technology targeting multiple dwelling units that reduces the cost of installing the DBS service in apartments and other MDUs.

DirecTV D2 Advantage eliminates the placement of multiple dishes on balconies and rooftops and enables MDU customers to receive the same DirecTV services as other residential customers including more than 160 HD channels; Whole-Home DVR services; DirecTV Cinema PLUS; DirecTV2PC; Media Share (PC content like photos and video on the TV) and International services.

DirecTV recently launched the new technology in four small-to mid-size multi-family property markets –Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles and Boise, Idaho – with plans for a national rollout early next year.

The company says its new technology costs far less to install than previous MDU video distribution systems and is adaptable to most any size property, from a 1,200-unit high-rise to a small garden apartment complex. It delivers the satellite signal from a single dish (or two dishes – one for International channels) over a single wire to a compact lockbox that houses the new DirecTV 32-channel SWiM (Single Wire Multi-switch) units that transmit the signals over the building’s existing coaxial cable to customers’ receivers.

“DirecTV D2 Advantage’s lower installation costs and its ability to be used across the entire portfolio of MDU properties, fundamentally changes the game in the MDU market and has opened up a huge opportunity for us,” said Mike Olson, vice president, MDU Sales for DirecTV. “The equipment is unobtrusive, easy to install and we require no investment by the property owner. And, by lowering our costs on equipment and installation, we’re able to enter this market with a business model that makes sense and will be profitable. It also provides a much-needed solution for the underserved, small MDU property market.”

DirecTV also unveiled the industry’s first online “Owner Right-of-entry” portal to simplify the qualification process. Property owners visit to begin a three-step qualification process, that enables them to electronically accept the terms of agreement with DirecTV and then schedule a site survey to begin the upgrade process and move forward with the installation.