DirecTV Offers NFL Sunday Ticket Streaming to All Customers

DALLAS—NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers may be doing a touchdown dance today, as DirecTV has announced that it will now allow all subscribers of the NFL package to stream live out of market regular season games. Previously, this ability was only available to those who upgraded to the NFL Sunday Ticket Max subscription.

DirecTV cites a growth of 35 percent in streaming of NFL Sunday Ticket last year, a number that David Christopher, AT&T Entertainment Group’s chief marketing officer, only expects to grow now.

Streams of games on NFL Sunday Ticket will be available on smartphones, tablets, computers and other connected devices. Subscribers will also be able to stream the Red Zone Channel and the DirecTV Fantasy Zone Channel. Another new feature is Short Cuts, a streaming-only feature that provides replays of full games.

NFL Sunday Ticket’s coverage of the 2016 NFL season will kick off on Sunday, Sept. 11.