Diller backs Aereo to bring local TV to smartphones, tablets in New York City

Consumers in New York City next month will have access to a new Internet solution that will deliver broadcast television to their tablets and smartphones.

The new television offering, Aereo, said Feb. 14, 2012, that it received $20.5 million in Series A financing led by IAC, and that IAC chairman and senior executive Barry Diller has joined its board of directors.

As of the service’s March 14, 2012, launch date, those signing up for Aereo membership will have access to all major networks, including CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, CW and PBS, as well as local independent stations. Using a proprietary remote antenna and DVR, Aereo members will be able to access network TV on their portable devices via Internet TV solutions such as Apple TV and Roku. Members will be able to store up to 40 hours of television on their remote DVR.

Aereo’s technology will provide an HD television experience to the consumer with support for Internet portability. Members will access content via the Aereo’s controls and have seamless navigation across devices. It also integrates with social networks.

To become an Aereo member requires being a resident of New York City. Members will receive a free 30-day trial after which it will cost $12 per month for membership.

Calling Aereo “a revolutionary product,” Diller said there will be no wires, new boxes or remotes needed to deliver TV everywhere there is an Internet connection.