DigitalGlue Authorized Adobe Anywhere System Integrator

LAGUNA NIGUEL, CALIF. — DigitalGlue announced that it has become one of six U.S. companies and 29 worldwide to earn the Adobe Anywhere for video systems integrator authorization. This distinction confirms that DigitalGlue has established and qualified with Adobe a complete demo system, that the company has the technical expertise to perform API software development according to Adobe Anywhere user requirements, and that the company has both the knowledge and capacity to provide users with a high standard of Adobe Anywhere deployment support.

Official authorization from Adobe recognizes that DigitalGlue has the expertise to ensure optimal integration and deployment of turnkey systems incorporating the Adobe Anywhere platform, which empowers users of Adobe professional video solutions to work together, using centralized media, across standard networks. DigitalGlue offers the platform along with best-of-breed storage, including the Harmonic MediaGrid shared storage system, which facilitates dynamic, on-the-go editing and streaming content adaptation. The company also offers Adobe Anywhere along with leading media asset management systems such as those from axle Video, CatDV, and eMAM.

Integrated solutions built on Adobe Anywhere address key challenges in making the most of file-based media. Turnkey systems from DigitalGlue allow editors, visual effects artists, and other video professionals to use local or remote networks to access, stream, and work with remotely stored media simultaneously. In addition to eliminating the need for heavy file transfers, duplicate media, or proxy files, this model enables team members to work with the Adobe creative tools familiar to them. DigitalGlue already has multiple Adobe Anywhere integration projects with major broadcasters moving forward at various stages of implementation.