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Dielectric Supports Repack Transition for Maine PBS Station

RAYMOND, Maine—As the spectrum repack continues, Dielectric has announced that it is supporting three Maine stations in Phase 8, with one recently completed for WMEA-DT, a Maine Public Broadcasting Corporation station.

Using Dielectric antennas to deliver over-the-air PBS stations, WMEA-DT in Biddeford, Maine, has completed its repack transition from UHF Channel 45 to Channel 36; it’s official switchover is scheduled for March 11. Dielectric also provided a system that would support a large power increase, nearly triple the station’s previous TPO—50,000 to 149,000 Watts—according to Dielectric.

Installation took place in November, with WMEA purchasing Dielectric’s TLP-12E side-mounted auxiliary antenna, which will serve as a temporary Channel 45 up to March 11. Dielectric worked with WMEA-DT to design an antenna system that used its same directional pattern on a different frequency.

As of the March 11 transition, WMEA will operate from a Dielectric TFU Series UHF end-fed antenna, with vertical polarization. When installed the antenna was connected to an existing Dielectric digiTLine rigid transmission line that will be re-usable for Channel 36. The stations also installed a new Dielectric mask filter and a new transmitter.

In addition, the TFU antenna is equipped with a non-pressurized, protective radome to deal with the weather elements.

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