Dejero Connects Teams on Subaru Commercial Remote Production

Dejero CellSat
Dejero CellSat provided enough bandwidth to support VoIP phone connectivity from the remote setting chosen by Subaru (Image credit: Dejero)

WATERLOO, Ontario—A recent Subaru commercial that shot in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, was able to keep its on-set production crew and remote members of the production connected via Dejero’s CellSat connectivity service.

First Mile Technologies set up a flexible, portable workflow based on the Dejero CellSat service, a blended cellular and KU-based IP satellite technology, which delivered connectivity to and from set as well as allowing for real-time collaboration using live streaming video.

The infrastructure set up by First Mile Technologies transported the camera feed from a Dejero EnGo mobile transmitter over the CellSat service to a Dejero WayPoint receiver. The stream was then sent to various platforms (i.e. Zoom) for real-time, virtual collaboration. CellSat also provided bandwidth to support VoIP phone connectivity for the crew of six in Banff.

“CellSat service streamlined every single aspect of critical communication and feedback for this job, by delivering resilient connectivity from a remote mountainside where usually the delivery of only a handful of stills would have been possible,” said Brendan Cooper, president, film and new media at First Mile Technologies. “This time, with Dejero CellSat, the team on set was able to receive real-time feedback, approvals and general collaboration, which isn’t normally feasible or affordable in extreme locations like this one.”

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