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DayPort and Quantel Announce Partnership, Quantel Releases Eiger At NAB

DayPort, a leader in video streaming, workflow infrastructure and convergence technologies, has announced a new partnership with Quantel.

DayPort will integrate its Carbon suite of products including Web publishing Content Management tools, Production Workflow Solutions and Broadcast Content and Asset Management applications with the Quantel sQ Production and Playout solutions. DayPort applications will complement Quantel solutions by providing an enhanced layer of integration, which enables the seamless publishing of metadata and video content to a broadcaster's web site or content delivery over IP to client users.

The combination of these tools provides additional functionality to all content production teams to view metadata content remotely over the web or via their desktops. These tools enable staff to search, view, comment, and make editorial decisions relating to the archiving of content, online metadata and assets. The result is industry leading production systems with capabilities and operational efficiencies unmatched by any current alternative approaches.

"We are extremely excited about the partnership and are looking forward to adding to the comprehensive production solutions offered by Quantel," said Andy Ioannou, DayPort vice president of business development.

DayPort will also provide the tools to allow one station to view another's assets within the same group and as a result share content over an enterprise wide operation without the manual overhead typically experienced.

"Our partnership with Quantel allows more clients to seamlessly publish their content to `other' destinations while enhancing the production process. The combination of these industry-leading technology solutions advances both Quantel's and our position as market leaders," said Glenn Miller, CEO of DayPort.

Quantel Marketing Manager, Norman Rouse, added, "Our partnership with DayPort enables us to offer our broadcast customers even more flexible teamworking, as well as access to new delivery channels and importantly, new revenue streams - all without adding to the complexity of their systems. Broadcast content from our sQ systems can, for example, be quickly re-purposed for web or PDA viewing with DayPort's Carbon Publish solution. We're very much looking forward to exploring the full potential of this synergistic collaboration between our two companies."

Meanwhile, Quantel has kept its eQ and iQ user groups happy with the NAB release of Eiger, a toolset offering new features both for general post production work and for handling digital intermediate projects. The message is that Quantel is making a new commitment to high level compositing -- a core part of its product history that it hasn't concentrated on for quite a while.Standing for Effects, Imaging, Grading and Editing Release, the first set of highlights -- new process tree ergonomics, motion sensitive blur, layer blend modes, and a new mesh-based warper -- fall under that compositing banner.

Another plus factor is Quantel's new UniKey, a multi-format, multi-colorspace precision keying toolset. The QColor option for eQ and iQ now offers a powerful set of HSL based tools and many ergonomic enhancements. Live pan and scan is now supported along with output image masking, which makes multi-format versioning even simpler.