DAS MultiPlayer enables audio alert playout

Digital Alert Systems has introduced MultiPlayer, a discrete, four-channel EAS audio player and program switcher, at the 2011 NAB Show. The solution eliminates the one-channel-at-a-time restriction when a single EAS encoder/decoder unit is shared across multiple streams.

Paired with any DASDEC emergency messaging platform, the MultiPlayer system elevates EAS/CAP messaging in multichannel audio environments by making as many as five completely independent EAS audio channels playable at a time. The Digital Alert Systems DASDEC serves as the host controller for the MultiPlayer and processes all EAS/CAP alerts, with each audio alert stored in a "play head," ready for immediate airing. The MultiPlayer itself, linked via a networked connection, features four discrete audio recorders/players, each with a three-position audio switch capable of playing audio files and switching to the appropriate outputs when commanded.

Each of the four channels is controlled independently either by direct GPIs or through the network. Front-panel status indicators and separately definable GPOs make operating status evident at a glance. Audio alert playout is performed either by command of the DASDEC or with simple GPIs, which make the MultiPlayer the simplest way to fully emulate five discrete EAS encoder/decoders. Each channel is equipped with fail-safe relays that ensure program sources pass directly through in the event of power loss.

This solution enables station automation or staffed operations to play alerts based on the playlist schedule and not on the limitations of the EAS device. The 1RU MultiPlayer is available as a simple upgrade to new and installed DASDEC systems, and it is field-configurable for either digital or analog audio.

See Digital Alert Systems at the 2011 NAB Show in Booth C2952.