Danish sports broadcaster upgrades Chyron technology

Viasat, a Denmark-based digital broadcast satellite provider, has deployed Lyric PRO across its existing installation of HyperX graphics systems and has further invested in a new HyperX2 system.

A leading sports broadcaster in Demark, Viasat uses Lyric PRO to provide sophisticated live graphics, such as clocks and statistics, for football games and studio-based sports programs.

Before the upgrade, the broadcaster used another system to run most of its studio-based sports graphics, with the Chyron HyperX systems running in the background for manually updated captions. This meant that on many productions, it needed to use two systems simultaneously. Now, using Lyric PRO (and in particular its “persistent message” capabilities) Viasat said it can run most of the productions with a single machine.

For more information, visit http://www.chyron.com/.