Daktronics enables targeted content delivery through new digital display network

Daktronics has released its new V-Net narrowcasting system, which delivers targeted content to specific audiences through a digital display network.

Using a combination of hardware, software and displays, the V-Net distributes static graphics, video and audio over a facility's existing network. The system can be used for advertising and messaging in shopping centers, movie theaters, casinos, hotels, restaurants or convention centers – any place where there is a need to communicate with the public.

With live data capabilities, the system can keep audiences notified of times, dates and places – or other critical information. The V-Net central server provides complete content management, including file creation, scheduling and distribution. It delivers content to the V-Net remote players via a network connection. The remote players cycle content for playback on individual or groups of displays. The system works with multiple display technologies, including LCD, plasma, CRT and projection displays. Displays can be grouped together to run identical content or they can run independent, unique content. In addition, displays can be controlled at a local or remote location, or they can have shared control from both a local and remote site.

For more information visit www.daktronics.com.

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