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CSP Mobile Productions Acquires 16 Ikegami Cameras

CSP Mobile Productions recently purchased 16 Ikegami cameras for use in their two new HDTV trucks. The HDK-77EC models feature 2/3-inch 2.5 mega-pixel CMOS image sensors, capturing full-digital HD in 720p or 1080i with native interlace and progressive readout modes.

The company specializes in Northeast college sports and provides on-location production facilities, offering a variety of footage for numerous outlets including broadcast and cable networks, pay-per-view producers, corporate communicators and Internet content providers.

CSP chose Ikegami for its cameras based on previous experience, currently using 24 SD models, and for their reliability, versatility and support from the company. According to CSP’s President and Co-Owner Len Chase, “It’s great to have one camera to address two leading HD formats. This enables us to serve the needs of a wider range of clients. The high resolution of the sensors delivers extremely sharp and detailed pictures. Ikegami CMOS technology also provides the added benefits of reduced camera power consumption and operating temperature.”

Chase went on to say the HDK-77EC’s flexibility enables CSP to go into any facility and efficiently change between triax and fiber.