Crosscreek Television Selects Calrec Sigma With Bluefin Audio Console For New HD Truck

Crosscreek Television has chosen to install a Calrec Sigma with Bluefin audio console in the Voyager 8 HD production truck. The Voyager 8 will mainly be used for National Hot Rod Association drag racing, and also for professional & college sports and music performances.

“When the truck was at NAB in April, the interior was just an empty shell, and everyone asked what kind of desk we were putting in,” said Spruce McRee, Crosscreek TV president. “I told them a Calrec, and they just lit up: ‘Way to go!’ That’s what happens when you buy the leading brand. We know we’ll have no problems booking this truck with Calrec installed.”

This is the first time Crosscreek has used a Calrec desk for one of its trucks. Crosscreek’s Sigma has 320 channel processing paths and 64 faders in a 6:6:6 frame. It’s customized to be able to rest on a tabletop, creating equipment space underneath. Bluefin High Density Signal Processing technology fits more signal processing power in smaller spaces for power and money savings.