Croatia TV Depends on Grass Valley

Grass Valley has teamed up with Croatian television network Arena TV, equipping them with a K2 Summit to support a streamlined workflow.

Working with systems integrator Kapetanovic Sistemi, Grass Valley’s K2 Summit and additional engineering support upgraded the Arena TV network’s HD playout facility, and the country’s first HD OB truck, owned by the Croatel company. The TV facility is also supported by a K2 Summit production client, and numerous EDIUS HD editing workstations.

The K2 Summit has been integrated with a Pebble Beach Neptune automation system, which controls the K2 and manages all file ingest and distribution without any need for additional support.

“We needed to put together a server playout platform that was completely reliable and would not make us have to compromise in any way,” said Tonko Barac, managing director of Croatel, in a press release. “Therefore, we chose Grass Valley to build out this piece of the puzzle because they had a field tested server platform that was cost-effective for us to implement and allowed me to focus on other parts of our facility.”

The OB truck is fully stocked with Grass Valley hardware, including 11 LDK 8000 Elite cameras, one LDK 8300 Live Super SloMo HD camera, one Kayak-HD production switcher, and one K2 Dyno Replay System.