Crispin Adds PDD Drives To ArchiveManager

Raleigh, NC--Crispin has added dual internal Professional Disk for Data (PDD) drives to ArchiveManager, a broadcast archive management and storage solution, increasing overall archive storage to 23.3GB of data capacity per single-sided disc.
Professional Disk for Data technology benefits from shorter wavelengths provided by a blue-violet laser and a high-performance lens to store up to four times more data on a disc than what is possible with red laser-based CD or DVD-RAM drives. File transfer speeds are rated at 11MBps read and 9MBps write for both record-once and rewritable media. According to Sony, the new technology focuses on data-intensive applications, such as medical imaging, broadcast, audio/video editing, graphic design, and enterprise content management.
"Sony’s Professional Disc for DATA technology integrates nicely with ArchiveManager to deliver an advanced optical storage and archiving solution for our customers," said Alan DeVaney, president and founder of Crispin Corporation. "Crispin continues to deliver innovative product enhancements that answer the current needs of the broadcast market."
ArchiveManager with PDD provides a compact, economical way of extending the storage of on-air video servers and protecting valuable video assets. Scalable in choice of functionality and storage media, the base system includes the Linux-based ArchiveManager computer and the ArchiveManager graphic user interface (GUI) application.
Crispin will continue to offer, as another storage option for broadcasters, ArchiveManager with DVD-RAM drives. Either storage capability may be combined with external near-line redundant arrays of disks (RAID), robotic libraries, or network attached storage (NAS) systems.