Crawford Communications Opts for Xytech Automation

Crawford Communications has inked a deal to use automation and workflow and production technology from Burbank, Calif.-based Xytech Systems Corp..

Based in Atlanta, Crawford Communications is a 25-year old media services provider offering domestic and international customers a full spectrum of video, film, audio, and satellite services that include film transfer; digital and HD postproduction; sound design and mixing; DVD authoring; streaming media and Webcasting; satellite transmission; satellite uplink truck services; multicamera production trucks; studios; and remote video production.

Xytech's solution has enabled Crawford Communications to combine an array of manual and departmental systems into one complete end-to-end solution to run the entire company, including its workflow management, scheduling, asset library management, and integrated accounting and billing. Xytech Enterprise software will be used to automate bidding, job and work order creation, invoicing, and posting of receivables to the software's accounting module. Xytech Enterprise's Scheduling capabilities will be used to assign facilities, postproduction suites, satellite operations, and trucks to various projects. And two separate library databases will be consolidated in the Xytech Enterprise MetaVault media asset library.