CPC Unveils Automatic Closed-Caption Time Stamping

ROCKVILLE, MD.: CPC says its new Automatic Time Stamp (ATS) add-on software dramatically reduces the time it takes to closed caption videos by automatically time stamping each caption using the latest speech recognition technology.

Until now, time-stamping closed captions consisted of pressing a key when the first word of each caption was heard. ATS time stamps automatically, eliminating the need to time stamp manually. It’s said to be 15 to 30 times faster than real time, depending on the computer used, and allows time-stamping “on an unlimited number of videos for an annual fee,” CPC said.

ATS uses speech recognition to automatically synchronize the transcript with the video. (It does not generate the transcript. It compares the audio to a pre-loaded transcript). It works best with videos with high-quality audio, though it has built-in intelligence, so that if the audio quality is poor, the software automatically detects captions with fair to poor synchronization and highlights them in red, so they can be spot checked and manually corrected.