Core Digital HD/601 Hybrid Truck Goes With Ikegami Cameras

Core Digital plans to outfit its HD601 mobile production unit with Ikegami cameras to complement the truck's ability to simultaneously produce HD and 601 signals.

The company is equipping the truck with 11 digital HDK-790E/79E cameras, which feature 2.2 million pixel 2/3-inch FIT CCDs, 12-bit A/D conversion, 38-bit internal digital processing circuits and multistandard simultaneous broadcasting. The newly developed TFC/TFH-790 fiber-to-triax Converter "Mongoose" System can transmit pictures from the camera head without signal degradation at distances to 3,300 ft. using standard 1/2-inch triax cable. Equipped with the Ikegami SE-79D System Expander, SWTV's camera can quickly be converted from studio application to portability.

Core Digital cited the Ikegami cameras' flexibility, quality technical functions, ability to handle HD and SD and support services.