Concurrent, MVmax Expand TV On-demand

For any TV viewer who has ever wished for a different ending to their favorite TV show, technology from Concurrent Computer Corporation and MVmax might just do the trick. The two have teamed up to provide what the companies say is the "next step" in TV viewing. Using MVmax's MetaScript software, Concurrent's MediaHawk VOD Platform can store and manage delivery of interactive TV to build individualized shows based on viewer choices.

MetaScript lets users participate in the storyline itself - - A recent police show MVmax produced let the audience decide what the main character did next about once a minute.
MetaScript runs on existing set-top boxes and can be applied to a range of programs, including soap operas, children's shows, sitcoms and action and adventure programs.

"With 368,640 different ways to watch this half-hour episode, viewers can watch this show once a day, every day of their life and never see it the same way twice," said MVmax CEO Kent Massey. An episode of fully interactive series will be running on Concurrent's MediaHawk in its booth at SCTE 2003.