Comcast Introduces Eye-Control for Xfinity X1

PHILADELPHIA—The United States has more than 48 million people that are currently living with physical or mobility disabilities, and a new service from Comcast has been designed specifically for them to make TV watching simpler.

Comcast has launched the Xfinity X1 eye control, a web-based remote that can be accessed through computers and tablets and pairs with an existing eye gaze system to allow viewers to control their TVs with a glance.

X1 eye control is available for Xfinity customers through to pair the web-based remote with the set-top box. The tool works with existing eye gaze hardware and software, Sip-and-Puff switches and other assistive technologies. Using these tools the viewer can gaze at a button on the web-based remote and change the channel, set up a recording, search for content and other additional services that are part of the Xfinity package.

“Comcast knows that TV and media access is a powerful part of life for most people,” said David Dikter, CEO Assistive Technology Industry Association. “That X1 can now be used with eye gaze and an array of other assistive technologies shows a new level of commitment to access and independence for persons with disabilities.”