Comcast Adds New Baseball Features to X1 App

PHILADELPHIA - Stats are as much a part of baseball for fans as peanuts and cracker jacks. To help satisfy that need, Comcast’s Xfinity Sports app on the X1 is getting an overhaul to increase fan’s access to statistics during game broadcasts.

The Baseball Extras feature for the X1 Sports app offers pre-game matchups, live batter-by-batter statistics, and full post-game analysis. Users can access Baseball Extras by selecting a game from the Sports app and clicking on Extras. Real-time statistics and visuals will be presented on the right-hand side of the screen in a rotating fashion.

Developed with OneTwoSee, Baseball Extra aggregates data from several sources to rate games based on team records, compute each team’s win probability and preview pitching match-ups. In game stats include strike-out percentages, pitch counts, hit zones and spray charts. The post-game analysis also offers the fantasy points earned during the game. The Baseball Extra app can also be viewed when you are watching something other than baseball.

Baseball Extra is available for the Xfinity Sports app for no extra cost.