CNN Enters Pinnacle Vortex

CNN, a division of Turner Broadcasting Systems Inc., signed a deal with Pinnacle Systems Inc. to digitize production with the purchase and installation of products including Pinnacle's Vortex News systems, the companies said at NAB.

CNN plans to use Pinnacle's products in its "Feeds and Edit" project at the CNN Center in Atlanta and in the CNN News Bureau in New York.

"The Vortex News system was selected to replace all tape-based daily production for CNN in Atlanta and New York," said Gordon Castle, senior vice president of Technology at CNN. "When fully implemented, the system will utilize Long Group of Pictures MPEG and integrate using MXF to our playback servers, digital archive and .com production systems, creating a complete digital environment."

The Vortex system integrates news ingest, editing and playback, allowing multiple workers access to the material from nearly any PC on a newsroom network.