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Clear-Com's Tempest 2400 Intercom Now Available

Voice communications systems provider Clear-Com has just released the newest version of its Tempest line of digital wireless intercoms.

The Tempest 2400’s firmware update gives it an array of new features, including two new modes of operation: Shared Mode and Split Mode. While the standard Normal Mode can connect five full duplex BeltStations per BaseStation, Shared Mode enables unlimited user connections on a single base while any five lines can be used at any time. Split Mode is a combination of Normal and Shared.

The Tempest is now available in two- and four-channel versions, and continues to offer license-free, worldwide communications via the 2.4 GHz band. Using a narrow portion of the RF spectrum – the same populated by WiFi (802.11b/g) – work can be completed interference-free. The Tempest also provides a proprietary 2xTx redundant transmission technology, which sends all broadcasts over two different frequencies simultaneously to ensure delivery.

The interface design of the Tempest BeltStation is similar to a wired beltpack, requiring no previous RF experience from its users.