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Città Digitali goes live with 3-D

Italian independent regional TV content producer Città Digitali has adopted research and development company Sisvel Technology’s 3D Tile Format for its new HD 3-D service. This is one of the first deployments of Sisvel's recently launched 3-D transmission format, which will be used for a range of programming spanning art, culture, leisure, environment, along with regional food and wine specialties.

Sisvel Technology's 3D Tile Format displays stereoscopic images by integrating two 720p frames within a single 1080p frame, and is also backwards compatible with 2-D, allowing viewers not equipped for 3-D to view the transmission as 2-D images. The reconstructed right and left images maintain their original 720p spatial and temporal resolution, giving viewers of both versions the full benefit of the original picture, and the transmission of both 2-D and 3-D can be achieved without the need for increased bandwidth.