Ciprico unveils new NAS storage solutions

Ciprico has unveiled the third member of its high performance, SATA-based NAS solution, the DiMeda 1724.

The DiMeda 1724 has 9.6TB of capacity and more than 300Mb/s of throughput.

In July 2004, Ciprico announced the DiMeda 10G, a NAS system which enables collaborative uncompressed HD video editing using an Ethernet LAN. The DiMeda 1724 leverages the DiMeda 10G hardware and software design, but provides four 1GB Ethernet server connections.

Users can integrate the DiMeda 1724 into existing Ethernet networks to support collaborative editing of SD and lower resolution HD streams.

When customers are ready to implement 10 Gigabit Ethernet, the DiMeda 1724 can be upgraded to a DiMeda 10G by replacing the GbE cards with a 10 GbE card to increase overall system performance to nearly 400Mb/s.

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