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Cinematographer Goodich shoots ‘Gangsta’ with Fujinon lenses

Cinematographer Frederic Goodich recently completed principal photography on the feature film “Mid-Life Gangsta” in Los Angeles.

Shot in a quasi-documentary style, the filmmakers used Fujinon’s HAe10x10 E-Series zoom (10mm-100mm T1.8) and a set of HAe E-Series Prime lenses, along with the Panasonic AJ-HPX3700 P2 HD VariCam, AJ-HPX3000 camcorder and Silicon Imaging’s SI-2K Mini.

Following a recovering addict’s search through the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles to avenge his father’s death, “Mid-Life Gangsta” was going for a gritty, natural look. “I like to work with available light and add or subtract light as needed,” Goodich said. “Working in low-light levels, the speed of the Fujinon HAe10x10 and the E-Series Prime lenses allowed me to shoot wide open and still maintain the sharpness I need.”

With the E-Series lenses, the crew was even able to shoot some interior car shots at night without additional lighting. The HAe10x10 zoom lens is built for minimal focus breathing, flat T stop and low distortion for 2/3in B4 mount cameras.