ChyronHego Announces Paint 6.0

MELVILLE, N.Y. – ChyronHego is providing a new canvas for sport broadcasters to generate illustrated graphic replays with the announcement of Paint 6.0. The latest version of ChyronHego’s production analysis and telestration toolset now includes a Mac OS X version to enable use on MacBook Pros.

ChyronHego Paint 6.0 Movie Player Graphic

One of the new features of Paint 6.0 is the movable player effect. This function allows the commentator or operator to move players to different positions or remove them from the field entirely; broadcasters can also highlight athletes and scale them to size. Paint 6.0 also includes an editable clip export feature that allows clips to be shared between Paint servers in an unflattened state to keep all elements editable and supports more advanced in/out effects.

Paint 6.0 is now shipping. The Mac OS X version will become available in July.